Wednesday, November 22, 2017

DateDropper and TimeDropper APEX Item Plug-Ins

I recently created my first set of APEX item plug-ins based on two jQuery plugins created by Felice Gattuso (DateDropper and TimeDropper).

The plug-ins work well on both desktop and mobile and support multiple languages. I included a set of themes to match the color palette of the current APEX 5.1 themes such as Vita, Vita-Dark, Vita-Slate, and Vita-Red.

Below is a preview of the plug-ins:



You can try them in my Demo APEX Application (DateDropper and TimeDropper).

To download them, you could either go to or clone them from my GitHub repositories (DateDropper and TimeDropper), where you can also review the documentation with all the available options.

This is a first release and there is still a lot of room for improvements (e.g. they currently do not work on Interactive Grid). Please feel free to report any issues you may find or contribute to the projects on GitHub.